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Virus Res. 1997 Dec;52(2):183-94.

Neutralization antigenic sites on type Asia-1 foot-and-mouth disease virus defined by monoclonal antibody-resistant variants.

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Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Hebbal, Bangalore, India.


Seven neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (nMAbs) produced against serotype Asia-1 foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) were used to select neutralization-resistant variants. Seven single and six multiple antibody-resistant variants were selected to identify neutralization antigenic sites on FMDV Asia-1. The variants no longer reacted with nMAbs which were used to select them when tested by microneutralization test (MNT), radioimmunoassay (RIA) and agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) assay. Based on the binding and neutralization patterns of the variants, the nMAbs could be divided into discrete groups indicating the presence of three independent antigenic sites with evidence for occurrence of possibly a fourth site on the virus surface. Site 1 was present on 140S, 12Sps and VP1 and thus was conformation-independent. Sites 2 and 3 were restricted to the intact virion (140S) and thus were more conformation-dependent. Site 4 present on 140S virions and 12S protein subunits was less conformation-dependent. The site 3 nMAbs neutralized the infectivity of all the ten different Asia-1 virus isolates tested indicating that this site is conserved in Asia-1 virus serotype. Both cross-neutralization of different Asia-1 viruses with the nMAbs and cross-inhibition assays between MAbs demonstrated that the nMAbs recognized at least six different epitopes on Asia-1 virus.

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