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Aviat Space Environ Med. 1976 Aug;47(8):889-92.

Sex ratio in offspring of pilots: a contribution to stress research.


An old rumor - lately substantiated by statistical examinations from England - to the effect that pilots of high-performance military aircraft are "girl-fathers", could be reduced to absurdity through a comprehensive questionnaire investigation in the German Federal Armed Forces. Spermiogenesis does not seem to be disturbed by professional-specific influences (Radar radiation, G-forces etc.), as implied by the questionnaire findings. In times of high flying and personal stress (first 1000 flying hours) military jet pilots are even "boy-fathers". As soon as flying becomes a routine matter (after the 1000th flying hour) and thus less stressful, jet and helicopter pilots even become "girl-fathers". The pilots of military transport aircraft show no deviation from the control group of the male population of the Federal Republic of Germany with respect to the sex ratio of children procreated by them. The intention of this somewhat curious study was established by considerations that pilots would be entitled to protection and/or compensation for damages incurred in cases where their procreative capacity had been detrimentally affected by activities in the line of duty.

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