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Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 1997 Aug-Sep;27(8-9):783-92.

Identification of a gene family from Drosophila melanogaster encoding proteins with homology to invertebrate sarcoplasmic calcium-binding proteins (SCPS).

Author information

Department of Genetics, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.


Using antibodies raised against the Drosophila Ca(2+)-binding protein DCABP-23, we have isolated two distinct cDNA clones that encode Ca(2+)-binding proteins of the invertebrate sarcoplasmic calcium-binding protein (SCP) family. Southern blot analysis of whole genomic DNA has shown that one of the clones, Dcabp-A.1, is present in more than one copy in the genome of the fly, and is located in the beta-heterochromatic region at cytological division 80 on chromosome III. The expression pattern of this transcript shows that it is present in the tubular but not the fibrillar muscles of the adult thorax. This expression pattern is consistent with this being a true SCP. In contrast, the expression pattern of the transcript corresponding to the second cDNA clone is exclusive to neural tissue. This transcript derives from a single copy gene, and is located at cytological position 89 D on chromosome III. Comparative analysis of the amino acid sequences from the proteins encoded by the two cDNAs with that of the original DCABP-23 protein indicates that the purified DCABP-23 contained mainly the DCABP-A.1 protein. The identification of members of the SCP family of proteins in Drosophila, will allow for a future genetic investigation of the function of these ubiquitous proteins.

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