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Plasmid. 1997;38(3):174-9.

Effect of Escherichia coli IHF mutations on plasmid p15A copy number.

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Department of Microbiology, Technical University of Gdańsk, Poland.


Four isogenic strains (himAhimD double mutant, himA and himD single mutants, and their wild type counterpart) harboring orip15A plasmid (pACYC184 or pACYC184Amp or pACYC177) show different copy numbers of that plasmid in the early stationary phase of cultivation. The copy number of orip15A plasmid increases about four times in the himAhimD double (65-70 copies per cell) and himD single mutant cells (50-56 copies per cell) and was almost the same in himA mutant (17-18 copies per cell) and wild type cells (14-16 copies per cell). The results suggest that HimD can form homodimers, which are functionally competent for the regulation of orip15A plasmid copy number. Complementation experiments of himAhimD double mutant cells using plasmid carrying himA and himD genes (pPLhiphimA-5) confirm the effect of integration host factor (IHF) absence on increasing the copy number of orip15A plasmid (plasmid producing IHF complemented the defect of IHF mutant). The absence of IHF (using himAhimD double mutant as host) had no effect on the copy number of the pBR322 (oripMB1) plasmid.

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