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J Hum Lact. 1997 Dec;13(4):313-8.

Nipple wound care: a new approach to an old problem.

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Mt. Carmel East Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA.


Nipple soreness and nipple trauma have long been associated with breastfeeding, and persist despite the many clinical advancements in the field of lactation. Management of nipple wounds has been approached in a variety of ways over the years in an attempt to treat and resolve this problem. Incorporating the scientific principles of modern wound care management can provide additional effective treatment options. Wounds are characterized by depth and extent of tissue destruction, regardless of their location on the body. Current wound treatment methods employ the use of moisture to aid healing. A moist environment is critical for epithelization, the proliferation and migration of epithelial cells across the surface of a wound during healing. Nipple wounds also heal by this process. Using a particular type of wound dressing, a hydrogel sheet wound covering, on a nipple wound offers several advantages. These dressings help maintain a moist environment, decrease the chance of bacterial infection, are easy to use, and provide immediate pain relief.

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