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Eur J Biochem. 1997 Dec 1;250(2):411-7.

Identification of Stat 5B as a substrate of the insulin receptor.

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Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale U145, Nice, France.


We have screened a human placenta library using the yeast two-hybrid system to identify proteins that interact with the cytoplasmic domain of the insulin receptor. Doing so, we trapped a cDNA clone which encodes the Stat 5B region comprising amino acids 469 to 786. We show that interaction between Stat 5B and the receptor requires a functional insulin-receptor kinase, Tyr960 of insulin receptor is implicated in the interaction with Stat 5B, whereas asparagine and proline forming the NPEY960-motif are not, and Stat 5B mutated at Thr684, a potential phosphorylation site of mitogen-activated protein kinase, loses its ability to interact with the insulin receptor. Further, we found that insulin promotes rapid tyrosine phosphorylation of endogenous Stat 5B in 293 EBNA cells overexpressing insulin receptor and in NHIR cells. Taken together, our findings suggest that Stat 5B corresponds to a substrate for the insulin-receptor kinase, and this widens the repertoire of insulin-signaling pathways.

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