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Neuron. 1997 Dec;19(6):1187-99.

CLIP-115, a novel brain-specific cytoplasmic linker protein, mediates the localization of dendritic lamellar bodies.

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Department of Anatomy, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Intracellular localization of organelles may depend in part on specific cytoplasmic linker proteins (CLIPs) that link membranous organelles to microtubules. Here, we characterize rat cDNAs encoding a novel, brain-specific CLIP of 115 kDa. This protein contains two N-terminal microtubule-binding domains and a long coiled-coil region; it binds to microtubules and is homologous to CLIP-170, a protein mediating the binding of endosomes to microtubules. CLIP-115 is enriched in the dendritic lamellar body (DLB), a recently discovered organelle predominantly present in bulbous dendritic appendages of neurons linked by dendrodendritic gap junctions. Local microtubule depolymerization leads to a temporary reduction of DLBs. These results suggest that CLIP-115 operates in the control of brain-specific organelle translocations.

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