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Genomics. 1997 Nov 15;46(1):155-8.

The chromosome location of the human homolog of the mouse mammary tumor-associated gene INT6 and its status in human breast carcinomas.

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Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA.


The INT6 gene is a common integration site for the mouse mammary tumor virus in mouse mammary tumors. We have determined that the human homolog of INT6 is located on chromosome region 8q22-q23. A processed INT6 pseudogene is located on chromosome 6q. INT6 is composed of 13 exons that span 45 kb of genomic DNA. The deduced amino acid sequence of the gene product is identical to the mouse protein and contains three potential translation start signals. We have examined 100 primary breast carcinoma DNAs for evidence of genetic alteration affecting INT6. Loss of heterozyosity (LOH) was detected in 11 of 39 (28%) of the tumor samples informative for a polymorphic sequence in intron 7 of INT6. Since single-strand conformation and hybrid mismatch analysis of the remaining allele in these tumor DNAs failed to detect any mutations, we conclude that the target gene for LOH must be closely linked to INT6.

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