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J Sports Sci. 1997 Oct;15(5):505-15.

The influence of basketball shoes with increased ankle support on shock attenuation and performance in running and jumping.

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Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia, Paterna, Spain.


The aim of this study was to assess the influence of footwear with increased ankle support on ankle kinematics and on impact loads during landing from a vertical jump using high-speed cinematography, dynamometry and accelerometry in a series of tests in which a rebound action was simulated. To analyse the effect of this increased support on motor performance, two performance tests were designed: a vertical jump test and an obstacle course running test. Two prototype shoes with identical soles but different uppers were used. The first was designed to provide greater ankle support, with such features as a high top, heel counters and a rearfoot lacing system. The second prototype was a less supporting shoe, with low top and no heel counter or any other feature for support. In the shock attenuation test, the use of high-support shoes resulted in higher forefoot impact forces and higher shock transmission to the head, but showed lower shock transmission to the tibia. The use of high support shoes resulted in lower ranges of eversion and higher ranges of inversion of the ankle on landing. In the motor performance tests, the high-support shoes reduced the height jumped and increased the time to complete the running course relative to the low-support shoes. We conclude that increased ankle support reduces ankle eversion range but increases shock transmission, and reduces both jumping and running performance.

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