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Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 1997 Nov;20(3):224-33.

Differential elimination of 3p and retention of 3q segments in human/mouse microcell hybrids during tumor growth.

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Karolinska Institute, Microbiology and Tumor Biology Center, Stockholm, Sweden.


We have previously found that human chromosome 3 was fragmented in the course of in vivo tumor growth of monochromosomal human/mouse (A9 fibrosarcoma parent) microcell hybrids in SCID mice. Marker analysis of tumor cell lines has identified a regularly eliminated 7 cM segment on 3p21.3 referred to as the common eliminated region (CER). The same region is frequently affected by LOH in a variety of human carcinomas. The present study is a comparative chromosome painting, reverse painting, and PCR marker analysis of microcell hybrids (MCHs) that originally contained an intact chromosome 3 from two alternative donors, during and after four passages in SCID mice. We found regular elimination of 3p in parallel with preferential retention of 3q. In addition to CER on 3p, we can now define a common retained region (CRR) on 3q. It includes eight markers between D3S1282 (3q25-q26) and D3S1265 (3q27-qter) and spans approximately 43 cM. These observations are concordant with the frequent loss of corresponding 3p regions and the frequent retention, with occasional amplification, of 3q in several types of human tumors.

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