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J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1997 Nov;82(11):3752-7.

Human thyroid peroxidase (TPO) isoforms, TPO-1 and TPO-2: analysis of protein expression in Graves' thyroid tissue.

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Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education, Warsaw, Poland.


Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) is the key enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones and is an important autoantigen in autoimmune thyroid disease. Different messenger RNA species coding for TPO are present in thyroid tissue, including the species coding for a 933-amino acid protein (termed TPO-1) and a second in which exon 10 is deleted and which is 57 residues shorter (termed TPO-2). However, it is not known whether the smaller, TPO-2 isoform is expressed as a protein in thyroid cells. In SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions, TPO appears in the thyroid microsome and purified protein preparations as a closely migrating double band of approximately 105 (larger form) and 100 kilodaltons (smaller form). We investigated the presence of the isoform TPO-2 polypeptide in Graves' thyroid tissue using rabbit antisera to three different synthetic peptides from exon 10 (specific for TPO-1) and a polyclonal rabbit and monoclonal anti-TPO antibody (both of which are specific for the two forms of TPO). The larger and smaller forms of TPO were purified by electroelution after gel electrophoresis of highly purified natural TPO from Graves' thyroid microsomes. Both of the purified forms of TPO react with all three anti-exon 10 peptide antibodies, the polyclonal anti-TPO and the monoclonal antibody anti-TPO. This shows that both forms of TPO contain exon 10-encoded polypeptide of TPO-1. Interestingly, the proportion of the larger and smaller forms of TPO varied in different Graves' thyroid microsome preparations. To investigate the presence of the smaller TPO-2 isoform in the purified natural TPO preparation, affinity depletion of TPO-1 using the anti-exon 10 peptide antibodies was carried out. The binding of anti-exon 10 peptide antibodies to the immunodepleted TPO-1 fraction was considerably diminished in comparison to binding of polyclonal anti-TPO, suggesting the presence of small amounts (< 10%) of TPO-2 expressed as a protein in thyroid cells. Our results extend previous observations by showing that the alternatively spliced form of TPO, in which exon 10 is excised, is expressed at low levels in Graves' thyroid tissue. Furthermore, we confirm that both the larger and smaller forms of TPO observed on gel electrophoresis contain TPO-1, suggesting that the difference is caused by posttranslational modifications. The presence of small amounts of TPO-2 in Graves' thyroid glands argues for its role in thyroid function, which remains to be clarified.

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