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Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 1997 Oct;20(2):155-66.

FISH identifies different types of duplications with 12q13-15 as the commonly involved segment in B-cell lymphoproliferative malignancies characterized by partial trisomy 12.

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Center for Human Genetics, University of Leuven, Belgium.


Clinical, cytogenetic, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), and Southern blot data of 18 patients with different subtypes of B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, cytogenetically characterized by partial trisomy 12, are presented. These chromosomal changes occurred predominantly in clinically progressive chronic lymphocytic leukemia, mixed cell type, and advanced-stage follicle center cell lymphoma at the time of relapse or transformation into diffuse large cell lymphoma. Partial trisomy 12 consistently included the long arm of chromosome 12, either completely or partially, and resulted from dup(12q) or other rearrangements involving chromosome 12. The duplications were cytogenetically identified as dup(12)(q13q23), dup(12)(q13q22), or dup(12)(q13q15) in follicle center cell lymphoma or t(14;18)-positive diffuse large cell lymphoma; dup(12)(q13q22) or dup(12)(q13q24) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia; and dup(12)(q13q21) in a case of t(14;18)-negative diffuse large cell lymphoma. FISH, using library probes and a panel of YAC probes, mapped along the long arm of chromosome 12, confirmed the cytogenetic results in all cases analyzed except for three cases of t(14;18)-positive follicle center lymphoma or diffuse large cell lymphoma with dup(12q). In these cases, FISH showed similar, possibly identical, duplications, which involved a region more centromeric (12q11-21) than assumed by karyotypic analysis (12q13-22 or 12q13-23) and included alphoid DNA sequences, a combination hitherto unknown. In addition, commonly duplicated regions of chromosome 12 could be defined: 12q11-21, including alphoid DNA sequences for follicle center cell lymphoma or t(14;18)-positive diffuse large cell lymphoma, 12q13-22 for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and 12p13-q15 for marginal zone cell lymphoma, all of which overlapped in 12q13-15. Whether these regions, especially 12q13-15, may contain genes which are important in malignant transformation or disease progression of B-cell lymphoproliferative malignancies characterized by complete or partial trisomy 12 remains to be determined.

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