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Neuroscience. 1997 Dec;81(4):989-98.

Ischemic tolerance in hippocampal CA1 neurons studied using contralateral controls.

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First Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka University Medical School, Japan.


We induced ischemic tolerance unilaterally in gerbil hippocampus using the contralateral hippocampus as control. Ischemia for 2 min of right common carotid occlusion was reversible but sufficient to cause heat-shock protein 70 production in CA1 neurons. This pretreatment given four days prior to occlusion of both common carotids for 5 min, but not at longer preceding intervals, induced tolerance in right CA1 neurons. Neuroprotection was still evident two months after the 5 min occlusion. Adenosine triphosphate content and immunoreactive microtubule associate protein 2 in the hippocampus showed that the 5 min ischemic insult was essentially equal in both hemispheres. Repetitive pretreatments at two day intervals caused almost complete protection of CA1 neurons against subsequent 5 min ischemia, while a single pretreatment showed 80% protection. However, the increase in heat-shock protein 70 with repeated pretreatments was not significantly more than with one pretreatment. We concluded that true ischemic tolerance was induced by ischemic stress itself, was long-lasting, was not due to mitigation of subsequent ischemia, and was augmented by repetition without further increase of heat-shock protein 70.

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