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Biochemistry. 1997 Sep 9;36(36):10817-21.

Stathmin: a tubulin-sequestering protein which forms a ternary T2S complex with two tubulin molecules.

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Dynamique du cytosquelette, Laboratoire d'Enzymologie et Biochimie structurales, CNRS, 91198 Gif-sur-Yvette, France.


Stathmin is an important regulatory protein thought to control the dynamics of microtubules through the cell cycle in a phosphorylation-dependent manner. Here we show that stathmin interacts with two molecules of dimeric alphabeta-tubulin to form a tight ternary T2S complex, sedimenting at 7.7 S. This complex appears in slow association-dissociation equilibrium in the analytical ultracentrifuge. The T2S complex is formed under a variety of ionic conditions, either from GTP- or GDP-tubulin or from the tubulin-colchicine complex. The S16/25/38/63E mutated stathmin in contrast is in rapid equilibrium with tubulin in the T2S complex. The T2S complex cannot polymerize in microtubules nor in ring oligomers. Stathmin acts as a pure tubulin-sequestering protein via formation of the T2S complex. It does not act directly on microtubule ends to promote catastrophe nor enhance microtubule dynamics.

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