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Int Immunol. 1997 Sep;9(9):1281-90.

Neutralization of HIV-1 primary isolates by polyclonal and monoclonal human antibodies.

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New York University, Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, NY 10010, USA.


To examine antibody-mediated neutralization of HIV-1 primary isolates in vitro, we tested sera and plasma from infected individuals against four clade B primary isolates. These isolates were analyzed further for neutralization by a panel of several human anti-HIV-1 mAb in order to identify the neutralizing epitopes of these viruses. Each of the HIV-1+ serum and plasma specimens tested had neutralizing activities against one or more of the four primary isolates. Of the three individual sera, one (FDA-2) neutralized all of the four isolates, while the other two sera were effective against only one virus. The pooled plasma and serum samples reacted broadly with these isolates. Based on the neutralizing activities of the mAb panel, each virus isolate exhibited a distinct pattern of reactivity, suggesting antigenic diversity among clade B viruses. Neutralizing epitopes were found in the V3 loop and CD4-binding domain of gp120, as well as near the transmembrane region (cluster II epitope) of gp41. A mAb directed to the cluster I epitope of gp41 near the immunodominant disulfide loop weakly neutralized one primary isolate. None of the mAb in the panel affected one primary isolate, US4, although this virus was sensitive to neutralization by some of the polyclonal antibody specimens. This isolate was also resistant to neutralization by a cocktail of 10 mAb, most of which individually inhibited at least one of the other three viruses tested. These results suggest that neutralizing activity for this latter virus is present in certain HIV-1+ sera/plasma, but is not exhibited by the mAb in the panel. Thus, effective neutralizing antibodies against primary isolates can be generated by humans upon exposure to HIV-1, but not all of these antigenic specificities are represented in a large panel of human anti-HIV-1 mAb.

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