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Oncogene. 1997 Sep 4;15(10):1171-8.

Structure and chromosomal assignment of the mouse fra-1 gene, and its exclusion as a candidate gene for oc (osteosclerosis).

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Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna, Austria.


We have determined the genomic structure of the mouse fra-1 gene, which consists of four exons and three introns at positions also found in the other members of the fos gene family. Fra-1 is expressed rather highly in the brain and testes of adult mice, and at low levels in most other tissues. Absence of c-Fos leads to significantly reduced serum stimulation of fra-1 expression in gene targeted mouse fibroblasts, demonstrating that mitogen induction of fra-1 is partially mediated by c-Fos/AP-1. A polymorphic (CA)n microsatellite marker was found in intron 2 of fra-1 and used to map the gene to the centromeric region of mouse chromosome 19. Since fra-1 maps to the same genomic region as oc (osteosclerosis), an autosomal recessive disorder leading to the bone remodelling disease osteopetrosis, we tested it as a candidate gene for oc. The segregation of fra-1 in two different crosses of mice carrying oc and an allelism test between oc and a targeted disruption of fra-1 demonstrate that fra-1 and oc are two distinct genes rather than oc being a mutant allele of fra-1.

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