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Br Poult Sci. 1997 Jul;38(3):263-9.

Utilisation of squilla meal (a novel animal protein source) by broilers.

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College of Veterinary Science, A.P. Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India.


1. The nutritive value of squilla meal, which contained 339 g crude protein, 18.6 g ether extract, 72.8 g calcium, 17.2 g phosphorus and 7.13 MJ of apparent metabolisable energy/kg, was examined in 5 experiments with broilers. 2. Squilla meal contained less lysine (3.45 vs 6.74 g/16g nitrogen) and methionine (1.02 vs 1.86/16 g nitrogen) than fish meal, had a lower protein digestibility coefficient (0.66 vs 0.72) and a lower gross protein value (68% vs 74%). 3. By gradually replacing the fish meal with squilla meal in isocaloric, isonitrogenous broiler diets it was shown that there was a linear decrease in broiler weight gain; efficiencies of food utilisation were also lower at all squilla meal substitution rates. Inclusion of squilla meal in the diets increased intestinal lengths. 4. Addition of a proteolytic enzyme to the diets containing squilla meal restored broiler weight gain and efficiency of food utilisation to that of birds fed on the control diet. 5. Diets containing autoclaved squilla meal resulted in reduced weight gain although efficiency of food utilisation was not affected.

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