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Biotherapy. 1997;10(1):93-8.

The expression of potency of neutralizing antibodies for interferons and other cytokines.

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Department of Microbiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 53226, USA.


The occurrence of antibody formation in patients administered biologically active human proteins as biotherapy for different diseases emphasizes the importance of establishing a common method of reporting neutralizing antibody levels for such cytokines. For quantitative neutralization bioassays, the preferred expression of the neutralizing potency of an antiserum is a titer, that is, the dilution of serum that reduces 10 Laboratory Units (LU)/ml of the cytokine to 1 Laboratory Unit/ml, the endpoint of most bioassays. This 10-to-1 LU/ml expression, which has been recommended by the World Health Organization for recording the results of interferon neutralization by the constant interferon method (with varying dilutions of serum) can also be used with the constant antibody method (with varying concentrations of interferon). For various reasons, interferon doses in International Units (IU)/ml should not be used for the neutralization test. Should the interferon concentration vary, intentionally or otherwise, from the intended dose of 10 LU/ml, a simple calculation allows expression of the neutralizing potency as the recommended reduction of 10-to-1 LU/ml as follows: the titer to be reported is the reciprocal of the antibody dilution (achieving the endpoint), multiplied by the interferon concentration (measured in that day's titration) minus one, divided by 9. This index of neutralization is the preferred method to represent the neutralizing potency of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and should make the results from different laboratories more readily interpretable and enable comparison.

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