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Dermatol Surg. 1996 Oct;22(10):867-71.

Effects of medical elastic compression stockings on interface pressure and edema prevention.

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Department of Dermatology, Academisch Ziekenhuis, Maastricht, The Netherlands.



Although medical elastic compression stockings are widely used in venous diseases their effects on the venous system are still largely unclear.


To evaluate the pressure of these medical elastic compression stockings on the skin and their edema protective effects.


On 18 legs the interface pressure of the stocking on the skin was measured with the aid of an interface pressure measuring instrument (Oxford Pressure Monitor). Five different kinds of medical elastic compression stockings were used. On 11 legs the edema protective effects of the different stockings was evaluated with the use of air-plethysmography.


All medical elastic compression stockings used in this study, especially the flat-knitted, showed a good pressure gradient from the B1 level upwards. High pressures were measured at the dorsal foot and the pre-tibial zone. During cuff inflation a special edema protective effect was found in the round-knitted class II stockings.


All class II and III medical elastic compression stockings used in this study have a sufficient pressure (especially class III) and pressure gradient for the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency. Especially round-knitted stockings revealed high pressures on the danger areas such as the dorsal foot. All class II and III stockings provided an effective edema preventive effect; the round-knitted stockings have the best performance, due to their rubber components.

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