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J Atheroscler Thromb. 1994;1(2):108-12.

Platelet volume and urinary prostanoid metabolites in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

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Second Department of Internal Medicine, Kochi Medical School, Japan.


To evaluate platelet activity in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), we measured the mean platelet volume (MPV) and 24-hour urinary excretion of 11-dehydro-thromboxane B2 (11-dTXB2) and 6-keto-prostaglandin F1 alpha (6-kPGF1 alpha), stable metabolites of thromboxane A2 and prostacyclin, respectively. The MPV of the 103 subjects in the NIDDM group were 10.72 +/- 0.82 fl for males and 10.52 +/- 1.01 fl for females (mean +/- SD), significantly higher than those of normal controls (9.95 +/- 0.75 fl for males and 9.84 +/- 0.72 fl for females). The MPV of patients with NIDDM showed positive correlations with fasting plasma glucose level and HbA1c (r = 0.234, P < 0.05; r = 0.267, P < 0.01, respectively). The urinary excretion of 11-dTXB2 was greater in the NIDDM group (7.58 +/- 4.42 micrograms/day for males and 5.65 +/- 2.38 micrograms/day for females) than in the normal controls (4.61 +/- 2.31 and 3.83 +/- 1.60, respectively), suggesting that the synthesis of thromboxane A2 by platelets may be accelerated in vivo in patients with NIDDM. The urinary 6-kPGF1 alpha was not different between the NIDDM group and normal controls among the males, but was greater in the NIDDM group among the females. As MPV showed a positive correlation (r = 0.364, P < 0.05) with urinary excretion of 11-dTXB2, MPV may be related to platelet activity. These findings suggest that the platelets of patients with NIDDM may be in a hyperactive state.

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