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Clin Otolaryngol Allied Sci. 1997 Jun;22(3):266-70.

Otological manifestations of primary ciliary dyskinesia.

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Otorhinolaryngology Department, King Abdel-ziz University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi, Arabia.


Primary ciliary dyskinesia is a hereditary defect in the ultrastructure of cilia, leading to poor ciliary motility. The sinonasal and the bronchial manifestations of the disease are well documented; whereas its otological aspects have received less attention. In this report, we describe the clinical profile of 16 patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia laying particular emphasis on the otological manifestations. All children (11 patients) had bilateral otitis media with effusion. Of the five adults, three had tympanosclerosis; one had bilateral cholesteatoma; and one patient had bilateral keratosis obturans in combination with tympanosclerosis. Hearing improvement and a dry ear was achieved in all the children treated by tympanostomy tube insertion. The study suggests that otitis media is a prominent feature of this disorder. Most subjects suffer from protracted bilateral otitis media with effusion throughout childhood.

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