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Bioessays. 1997 Jun;19(6):455-8.

A regulatory switch involving a Clp ATPase.

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Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge 02139, USA.


Clp ATPase chaperone proteins are found in procaryotes and eucaryotes. Recently, ClpC of Bacillus subtilis was found to be part of a regulatory switch(1). ClpC, in combination with the MecA and ComS proteins, regulates the activity of a transcription factor, ComK, which is necessary for the development of genetic competence (the ability to bind and take up exogenous DNA). The complex of ClpC:MecA:ComK renders ComK inactive. Interaction between ComS and the ternary complex releases active ComK. This regulatory switch controls ComK activity in response to cell density signals that affect production of ComS. Regulated interaction between Clp ATPase and target proteins might prove to be widespread.

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