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J Neurochem. 1997 Jul;69(1):348-64.

A novel cdc2-related protein kinase expressed in the nervous system.

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Centre for Research in Neuroscience, McGill University and Montreal General Hospital Research Institute, Quebec, Canada.


We report the cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding a cdc2-related protein kinase, named PFTAIRE, that is expressed primarily in the postnatal and adult nervous system. We have demonstrated by in situ hybridization and indirect immunofluorescence that several populations of terminally differentiated neurons and some neuroglia expressed PFTAIRE mRNA and protein. In neurons, PFTAIRE protein was localized in the nucleus and cytoplasm of cell bodies. The anatomical, cellular, and ontogenic patterns of PFTAIRE expression in the nervous system differed from those of p34cdc2 and cdk5, which are expressed in brain and several other mitotic tissues. Proteins of approximately 58-60 kDa coprecipitated specifically with PFTAIRE from cytosolic protein preparations of adult mouse brain and transfected cells. These proteins appeared to be the major endogenous substrates associated with this kinase activity. The temporal and spatial expression patterns of PFTAIRE in the postnatal and adult nervous system suggest that PFTAIRE kinase activity may be associated with the postmitotic and differentiated state of cells in the nervous system and that its function may be distinct from those of p34cdc2 and cdk5.

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