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Can J Microbiol. 1976 Jul;22(7):953-9.

Stable L-forms of Clostridium perfringens and their growth on glass surfaces.


L-forms of Clostridium perfringens were induced in brain heart infusion broth containing 10% sucrose and 2 units of penicillin. After a few hours of growth, spheroplasts, granules, and elongated bacilli were apparent. At 24-h intervals, serial subcultures were made in the above medium which resulted in a culture composed entirely of spheroplasts (or protoplasts) and granules. Upon the withdrawal of penicillin these L-form cultures grew well and, after 100 passages, there was no reversion to the bacillary form. Sucrose could also be withdrawn from the medium. The effects of centrifugation, osmotic stabilizer, ultraviolet light, temperature, pH, and lyophilization upon stable L-forms were examined. L-forms were found to attach to the walls of culture tubes during trowth and sheets of L-form growth were obtained on cover slips in Leighton tubes and on the sides of medicine bottles.

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