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Int J Cancer. 1997 May 16;71(4):585-94.

MHC-dependent cytolysis of autologous tumor cells by lymphocytes infiltrating urothelial carcinomas.

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Laboratory of Tumor Immunology, URA 1484 CNRS, University of Rene Descartes, Paris, France.


Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) were grown from 23 urothelial carcinomas. Phenotyping analysis showed that the TIL cultures were mainly CD3+. Although CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell sub-sets were grown in culture, CD4+ T-cell sub-sets predominated over CD8+ T cells. Immunohistochemical studies performed on 5 tumor specimens confirmed this observation, and indicated that CD4+ T cells surrounded the tumor islets, whereas CD8+ T lymphocytes were localized among the tumor cells. Five short-term carcinoma cell lines established from these urothelial tumors were used as target cells in cytolysis assays in order to investigate the functional anti-tumor activity of autologous TIL. TIL from 4/5 tumors were lytic and 3 TIL lines displayed MHC-class-I-dependent cytotoxicity directed against autologous tumor cells. CD4+ T-cell-depletion experiments performed on TIL line 07 confirmed that CD8+ MHC-class-I-dependent CTL were the predominant effectors. Finally, experiments performed on 6 allogeneic urothelial-cancer cell lines matched for HLA-class-I molecules showed that TIL07 exhibited selective lytic activity toward tumor 07. These data indicate that CD8+ MHC-class-I-dependent CTL present in urothelial carcinomas are functional and may participate in the anti-tumor immune response.

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