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Virus Res. 1997 May;48(2):165-71.

Analysis of the haemagglutinin gene of current wild-type canine distemper virus isolates from Germany.

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Veterinary School Hannover, Institute of Virology, Germany.


The haemagglutinin (H) gene sequences from three wild-type canine distemper viruses (CDV) isolated during 1994-1995 were sequenced to determine whether contemporary strains had undergone significant genetic changes relative to the currently used vaccine strains. The new isolates were closely related to each other (> 99%) and displayed about 90-91% sequence homology to the Onderstepoort and Convac vaccine strains. There were one to four additional potential glycosylation sites compared to the vaccine strains which were also present in a German dog CDV isolate dating from 1990. However, only a very slight reduction in neutralizing titre against the new isolates was found when compared with the Onderstepoort and Rockborn vaccine strains. Cysteine and proline residues were well conserved indicating a conserved three dimensional structure for the protein. By phylogenetic analysis the recent isolates showed a narrow clustering close to the previous canine isolates indicating a linear pattern of evolutionary changes. A comparison with published CDV H gene sequences suggested the presence of different lineages of CDV on a global scale and possible cocirculation of more than one genotype of CDV.

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