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Tissue Antigens. 1997 Apr;49(4):383-8.

Serologic ambiguity and allelic frequency of the HLA-B40 family in the Korean population.

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Department of Clinical Pathology, College of Medicine, Hallym University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.


The most frequently identified HLA-B type in Koreans is HLA-B40 (13.4%). Due to the lack of mono-specific alloantisera and cross reactivity of sera used as typing reagents, discrimination between the serologic splits of B40, B60 and B61, has been a problem in tissue typing laboratories. In this study, an efficient PCR-SSP typing system was established to distinguish B60 and B61 and to assess the difficulty in serologic assignment for these types. The SSP system was also used to elucidate the frequency of B40 alleles (B*4001-B*4008) encoding B40 molecules in the Korean population. Eighty eight unrelated individuals identified serologically as B40 positive were selected from 358 consecutive volunteers from the unrelated bone marrow registry. Seven sets of PCR that amplify exons 2 and 3 of the HLA-B gene using 10 sequence specific primers (SSP) were used for discrimination between B60 and B61, and for B40 allelic typing. A clear discrimination of B60 and B61 was possible in all samples including 48 serologically ambiguous samples (B60-14/48; B61-34/48) and 5 potentially B40 homozygous samples (B60/ B61 heterozygotes-4/5; B60 homozygote-1/5). Therefore, the use of a focused SSP approach enhances serologic definition of HLA types in routine clinical testing. In allelic typing, all B60 samples (26) appeared to be B*4001, but B61 samples revealed more heterogeneity (B*4002-36/58, B*4003-4/ 58, B*4006-18/58). In addition, B*4003 seemed to be closely associated with the A24-Cw3-DRB1*02 haplotype (3/4). The characterization of allele frequency as well as haplotypic association will be helpful in determination of the optimal size of the volunteer marrow donor pool in the Korean population.

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