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Clin Oral Implants Res. 1996 Dec;7(4):366-72.

Guided bone regeneration in the treatment of periimplantitis.

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Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Odontology, Göteborg University, Sweden.


The objective of the present experiment was to study the soft and hard tissue healing following treatment of experimentally induced periimplantitis. 5 labrador dogs about 1-year old were used. The mandibular right and left 1st molars, 4th and 3rd premolars were removed, titanium fixtures (BrÄnemark System) were installed, and standard abutments were connected in a 2nd stage procedure. After 3 months experimental periimplantitis was induced by the placement of cotton floss ligatures in a submarginal position. 6 weeks later the ligatures were removed. 1 month after ligature removal, an antibiotic regimen was initiated. During a 3-week period, each dog was given tablets of amoxicillin and metronidazole. In the left side of the mandible, buccal and lingual mucoperiosteal flaps were elevated and granulation tissue within the bone craters curetted. The abutments were removed. The exposed outer surfaces and the internal part of the fixtures were carefully cleaned with a detergent (delmopinol HC1). An e-PTFE membrane was placed over each fixture and adjusted to cover the bone crater. New cover screws were fitted through the membranes to the cleaned fixtures. The implants were submerged and the flaps sutured. In the right side of the mandible no local treatment was performed. The dogs were sacrificed after 4 months and biopsies prepared for histological examination. The findings indicated that treatment of a periimplantitis lesion, including comprehensive systemic antimicrobial therapy and cleaning of submerged implants resulted in (i) the elimination of the inflammatory process in the periimplant tissues and (ii) the establishment of a dense connective tissue capsule in direct contact with the previously exposed surface of the implant system. It was also observed that (iii) new bone was frequently laid down on the pristine cover screws.

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