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Genomics. 1997 Apr 1;41(1):100-4.

Nucleotide sequences of all the gamma gene loci of murine immunoglobulin heavy chains.

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Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science, Fujita Health University, Aichi, Japan.


The nucleotide sequence of the entire region that encodes the gamma chains of mouse immunoglobulin was determined, namely, 11,942 bp that include the whole gamma 3 gene and 59,647 bp from the gamma 1 to the gamma 2a gene. The sequence of 21,012 bp that includes the entire human gamma 3 gene was also determined. The present analysis revealed three new findings. (1) The S regions are composed of repetitive sequences. A 26-bp repeating unit, in addition to a 49-bp repeating unit, is present in the S gamma 2b and S gamma 2a regions. In the case of the gamma 2b gene, the 26-bp unit is repeated 5 times and the 49-bp unit is repeated 69 times. In the case of the gamma 2a gene, by contrast, the 26-bp unit is repeated 63 times and the 49-bp unit is repeated 14 times. (2) Two pseudo-gamma-genes were identified between the gamma 1 and the gamma 2b genes as well as between the gamma 2b genes and the gamma 2a genes. (3) A possible functional region was identified in the region downstream of each gamma gene. This region, designated the 3' conserved region (3'CR), was also found in the region downstream of the human gamma 3 gene. Duplication of a primordial gamma 2 gene seems likely to have occurred by homologous recombination that involved the 3'CR sequences.

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