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Cell. 1997 Mar 21;88(6):777-87.

LEF-1, a nuclear factor coordinating signaling inputs from wingless and decapentaplegic.

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Medical Research Council, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


wingless and decapentaplegic signal during endoderm induction in Drosophila to regulate expression of the homeotic gene Ultrabithorax. Here, we define a minimal wingless response sequence in the midgut enhancer of Ultrabithorax. We show that this sequence is recognized by the murine transcription factor LEF-1 (lymphocyte enhancer binding factor 1) in a ternary complex with armadillo protein, the cytoplasmic target of the wingless signaling pathway. In stable transformants, transcriptional stimulation of the Ultrabithorax enhancer by LEF-1 depends on armadillo. Furthermore, overexpression of LEF-1 bypasses the need for wingless signaling and causes phenotypes in the midgut, notum, and wing that mimic wingless hyperstimulation. Finally, efficient transcriptional stimulation by LEF-1 in the midgut depends also on the decapentaplegic response sequence and is limited spatially by decapentaplegic signaling. Thus, LEF-1 coordinates inputs from multiple positional signals, consistent with its architectural role in regulating the assembly of multiprotein enhancer complexes.

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