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J Comput Biol. 1997 Spring;4(1):1-22.

Robust proofs of NP-hardness for protein folding: general lattices and energy potentials.

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Sandia National Laboratories, Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics Department, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-1110, USA.


This paper addresses the robustness of intractability arguments for simplified models of protein folding that use lattices to discretize the space of conformations that a protein can assume. We present two generalized NP-hardness results. The first concerns the intractability of protein folding independent of the lattice used to define the discrete protein-folding model. We consider a previously studied model and prove that for any reasonable lattice the protein-structure prediction problem is NP-hard. The second hardness result concerns the intractability of protein folding for a class of energy formulas that contains a broad range of mean force potentials whose form is similar to commonly used pair potentials (e.g., the Lennard-Jones potential). We prove that protein-structure prediction is NP-hard for any energy formula in this class. These are the first robust intractability results that identify sources of computational complexity of protein-structure prediction that transcend particular problem formulations.

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