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Development. 1997 Apr;124(8):1601-10.

Location and growth of epaxial myotome precursor cells.

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Department of Anatomy and Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California San Francisco, 94143, USA.


The skeletal muscle progenitor cells of the vertebrate body originate in the dermomyotome epithelium of the embryonic somites. To precisely locate myotome precursor cells, fluorescent vital dyes were iontophoretically injected at specific sites in the dermomyotome in ovo and the fates of dye-labeled cells monitored by confocal microscopy. Dye-labeled myotome myofibers were generated from cells injected along the entire medial boundary and the medial portion of the cranial boundary of the dermomyotome, regions in close proximity to the dorsal region of the neural tube where myogenic-inducing factors are thought to be produced. Other injected regions of the dermomyotome did not give rise to myotome fibers. Analysis of nascent myotome fibers showed that they elongate along the embryonic axis in cranial and caudal directions, or in both directions simultaneously, until they reach the margins of the dermomyotome. Finally, deposition of myotome fibers and expansion of the dermomyotome epithelium occurs in a lateral-to-medial direction. This new model for early myotome formation has implications for myogenic specification and for growth of the epaxial domain during early embryonic development.

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