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Brain Res. 1997 Mar 28;752(1-2):261-8.

Predominant expression of Brn-2 in the postmitotic neurons of the developing mouse neocortex.

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Department of the Ultrastructural Research, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Bunkyo-ku, Japan.


The expression of Brn-2, a central nervous systems (CNS)-specific POU domain transcription factor, in the developing mouse neocortex was examined with an anti-Brn-2 antibody. Brn-2 protein was first detected in CNS on embryonic day (E) 11.5, and remained strong until E15.5. From E11.5 to postnatal day (P) 0, a high level of Brn-2 expression was observed in the subventricular zone, the intermediate zone, and the outer layer of the neocortex, but not in the ventricular zone. In the double-staining experiments, most of the Brn-2 positive cells were also positive for NCAM-H, an adhesion molecule specific to post-mitotic neurons. Furthermore, BrdU-labeling experiments demonstrated the presence of Brn-2 protein exclusively in postmitotic cells. These results indicated that, in the developing neocortex, Brn-2 expression is up-regulated after the final cell division. Therefore, this transcription factor may be involved in the migration and/or maturation process of the immature neuronal cells.

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