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Brain Res. 1997 Mar 14;751(1):37-46.

Fluoro-Jade: a novel fluorochrome for the sensitive and reliable histochemical localization of neuronal degeneration.

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Division of Neurotoxicology, Food and Drug Administration, Jefferson, AR 72079-9502, USA.


Fluoro-Jade is an anionic fluorochrome capable of selectively staining degenerating neurons in brain slices. The histochemical application of Fluoro-Jade results in a simple, sensitive and reliable method for staining degenerating neurons and their processes. The technique will detect neuronal degeneration resulting from exposure to a variety of neurotoxic insults. Fluoro-Jade can be combined with other fluorescent methodologies including immunofluorescence, fluorescent axonal tract tracing, and fluorescent Nissl counterstaining. Compared to conventional methodologies, Fluoro-Jade is a more sensitive and definitive marker of neuronal degeneration than hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) or Nissl type stains, while being comparably sensitive yet considerably simpler and more reliable than suppressed silver techniques.

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