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Yeast. 1997 Mar 15;13(3):287-90.

Analysis of an 11.6 kb region from the right arm of chromosome VII of Saccharomyces cerevisiae between the RAD2 and the MES1 genes reveals the presence of three new genes.

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Dipartimento di Chimica Biologica, Università di Padova, Italy.


Sequence analysis of an 11,628 bp DNA segment from the right arm of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome VII revealed the presence of the 5' end of the RAD2 gene, the MES1 gene and six open reading frames (ORFs) each longer than 300 bp. Four of these ORFs are expressed genes, as indicated by transcript analysis. One of them, YGR261c, which specifies a putative beta-adaptine, corresponds to gene YKS5, which has recently been identified as a suppressor of loss of casein kinase 1 function. The remaining three ORFs are new genes; of these, YGR260w encodes a protein showing similarity to the S. cerevisiae allantoate permease and YGR262c specifies a putative protein kinase.

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