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Br Poult Sci. 1997 Mar;38(1):84-8.

Tissue content of alpha-tocopherol and oxidative stability of broilers receiving dietary alpha-tocopheryl acetate supplement for various periods pre-slaughter.

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Department of Nutrition, University College, Cork, Ireland.


1. The effects of dietary alpha-tocopheryl acetate on the alpha-tocopherol status of chicken plasma and tissues were investigated. The rate of iron-ascorbate-induced lipid peroxidation was also studied. 2. One hundred and forty four chicks were divided into 6 groups: one control group was fed a basal diet of 30 mg alpha-tocopheryl acetate/kg food for the duration of the trial. A supplemental diet of 200 mg alpha-tocopheryl acetate was fed to each of the other 5 groups for 1,2,3,4 or 5 weeks prior to slaughter. 3. Supplementation resulted in an increase in alpha-tocopherol in plasma and all tissues examined. Saturation levels of alpha-tocopherol were observed in plasma after 1 week of feeding and in tissues within 3 to 4 weeks of feeding. 4. Supplementation with alpha-tocopheryl acetate for up to 4 weeks pre-slaughter resulted in significant reductions in susceptibility to induced lipid peroxidation. 5. Overall, the results show that feeding 200 mg alpha-tocopheryl acetate/kg food to chicks for at least 4 weeks prior to slaughter is necessary to optimise muscle content and stability against lipid peroxidation.

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