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Cancer J Sci Am. 1997 Jan-Feb;3(1):13-20.

Inhibition of Raf-1 protein kinase by antisense phosphorothioate oligodeoxyribonucleotide is associated with sensitization of human laryngeal squamous carcinoma cells to gamma radiation.

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Department of Radiation Medicine, Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C. 20007, USA.



Previous studies suggest a central role for Raf-1 protein kinase in mitogenic and radiation damage responsive signaling pathways.


Here we report that the expression and enzymatic activity of Raf-1 protein are inhibited in SQ-20B cells exposed to raf antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotide (As-ODNs) directed against the translation initiation site of human c-raf-1 cDNA. In contrast, treatment of SQ-20B cells with an equimolar concentration of raf sense oligodeoxy-ribonucleotide (S-ODNs) had no effect on the expression and activity of Raf-1.


We have observed radiosensitization of raf As-ODNs-treated SQ-20B cells. The dose modifying factor of As-ODNs treatment was approximately 1.4.


These studies demonstrate that raf As-ODNs is a DNA sequence-specific radiosensitizer that may have potential for use in the radiation therapy of cancers.

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