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Life Sci. 1997;60(9):625-34.

Reversal by kappa-agonists of peritoneal irritation-induced ileus and visceral pain in rats.

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  • 1Institut de Recherche Jouveinal, Fresnes, France.


Peritoneal irritation in rats induced by i.p. administration of acetic acid produces abdominal contractions reflecting visceral pain, and gastrointestinal ileus characterized by inhibition of gastric emptying and small intestine transit. In this study, gastric emptying (GE) and intestinal transit, calculated by the geometric center (GC) method, were estimated using a test meal labeled with 51Cr-EDTA. Visceral pain was assessed by counting abdominal contractions. Acetic acid produced abdominal contractions (80.8 +/- 3.3) and inhibition of GE (-54%) and GC (-63%) during the test-period. The kappa-opioid receptor agonists, CI-977 (+/-)-U-50,488H, (+/-)-bremazocine, PD-117,302, (-)-cyclazocine, and U-69,583, reversed abdominal contractions and inhibitions of gastrointestinal transit in a dose-related manner. The mu-opioid receptor agonists and potent analgesics, morphine and fentanyl did not restore normal gastric emptying and intestinal transit. These data suggest that selective kappa-opioid receptor agonists might be used to treat abdominal pain associated with motility and transit impairment during postoperative ileus.

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