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Yeast. 1997 Feb;13(2):183-8.

The sequence of 32b on the left arm of yeast chromosome XII reveals six known genes, a new member of the seripauperins family and a new ABS transporter homologous to the human multidrug resistance protein.

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Unité de Biochimie Physiologique, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.


The analysis of a 32 kb DNA fragment from cosmid 2G12 on the left arm of chromosome XII identifies 14 open reading frames (ORFs) numbered L0948 to L1325, a new tRNA for proline, a delta remnant and two putative ARS. Six ORFs have been previously identified: HSP104, SSA2, SPA2, KNS1, DPS1/APS and SDC25. Three putative ORFs have significant homology with known proteins: L0968 is a new member of the very large 'seripauperins' family, comprising at least 20 yeast members; L1313 is a new ABC transporter highly homologous to the yeast cadmium resistance protein Ycf1p and to the human multidrug resistance protein hMRP1; the C-terminal part of L1325 present in our sequence is very homologous to the fruit fly abdominal segment formation protein Pumilio. Finally, two ORFs, L1201 and L1205, have weak homology with two yeast hypothetical proteins of unknown function identified by the yeast systematic sequencing genome. Since our nucleotide sequence overlaps by 11.6 kb the cosmid 2B18 sequenced by Miosga and Zimmerman (1996) on the right end, we have not reported here the analysis of the ORFs L1313, L1321 and L1325.

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