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Eur J Immunol. 1997 Feb;27(2):463-7.

Sequence analysis of human IgVH genes indicates that ileal lamina propria plasma cells are derived from Peyer's patches.

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UMDS St. Thomas' Campus, Department of Histopathology, London, GB.


The origin of human ileal lamina propria (LP) plasma cells has been investigated using a technique based on microdissection of cells from immunohistochemically stained tissue sections. We have sequenced rearranged IgVH4.2 1, IgVH 5 family and IgVH6 genes from Peyer's patch germinal center (GC) cells and plasma cells from the ileal LP. Clonally related cells were identified by comparison of their complementarity determining region (CDR) 3 sequences and patterns of somatic mutation. We observed Ig genes from B cells in the GC of Peyer's patches which were related to Ig genes from plasma cells in the ileal LP, demonstrating that clonally related cells span these sites. In addition, groups of clonally related. but diversified plasma cells were common in the lamina propria. All Ig genes isolated from LP plasma cells were heavily mutated. The distribution of mutations in the CDR of the Ig heavy chain variable region (VH) genes which were considered to be the expressed alleles in LP plasma cells was consistent with an affinity-matured response. These observations provide compelling evidence for the origin of human ileal plasma cells from the Peyer's patches.

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