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Arthroscopy. 1997 Feb;13(1):78-84.

Arthroscopic repair of peripheral avulsions of the triangular fibrocartilage complex of the wrist: a multicenter study.

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Tuckahoe Orthopaedic Associates, Richmond, Virginia, USA.


A multicenter study to assess arthroscopic reconstruction of the peripheral attachment of the triangular fibrocartilage complex was undertaken. A total of 44 patients (45 wrists) from three institutions were reviewed. Twenty-seven of the 45 wrists had associated injuries, including distal radius fracture (4), partial or complete rupture of the scapholunate (7), lunotriquetral (9), ulnocarpal (2), or radiocarpal (2) ligaments. There were two fractured ulnar styloids and one scapholunate accelerated collapse (SLAC) wrist deformity. The peripheral tears were repaired using a zone-specific repair kit. The patients were immobilized in a munster cast, allowing elbow flexion and extension, but no pronation or supination for 4 weeks, followed by 2 to 4 weeks in a short arm cast or VersaWrist splint. All patients were reexamined independently 1 to 3 years postoperatively by a physician, therapist, and registered nurse. The results were graded according to the Mayo modified wrist score. Twenty-nine of the 45 wrists were rated excellent. 12 good, 1 fair, and 3 poor. Overall, 42 of the 45 patients (93%) rated as satisfactory and returned to sports or work activities. One patient had chronic pain, and two patients had ulnar nerve symptoms, although motion was normal in all, and their grip strength was at least 75% of the opposite hand. Arthroscopic repair of peripheral tears of the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is a satisfactory method of repairing these injuries.

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