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Gene. 1997 Jan 3;184(1):27-32.

Isolation of cDNAs encoding chicken homologues of the yeast SNF2 and Drosophila Brahma proteins.

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Institute of Cancer Research, Haddow Laboratories, Sutton, Surrey, UK.


The SNF2/Brahma proteins are a class of DNA-dependent ATPases which activate gene expression by disrupting chromatin repression. They also cooperate with nuclear hormone receptors to activate transcription. Two cDNAs encoding chicken homologues of the SNF2/Brahma proteins have been isolated from chicken haematopoietic libraries. The encoded proteins closely resemble the human homologues, hBRM and BRG1, and the chicken homologues have therefore been termed cBRH and cBRG1. Homology is conserved in five characteristic domains: an N-terminal domain that binds the SNF11 protein, a conserved domain A of unknown function, a central ATPase domain, a domain that binds the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein Rb, and a C-terminal bromodomain of unknown function.

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