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Biodegradation. 1996 Aug;7(4):303-11.

Degradation of 3-nitrophenol by Pseudomonas putida B2 occurs via 1,2,4-benzenetriol.

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Wageningen Agricultural University, Department of Food Science, The Netherlands.


Growth of Pseudomonas putida B2 in chemostat cultures on a mixture of 3-nitrophenol and glucose induced 3-nitrophenol and 1,2,4-benzenetriol-dependent oxygen uptake activities. Anaerobic incubations of cell suspensions with 3-nitrophenol resulted in complete conversions of the substrate to ammonia and 1,2,4-benzenetriol. This indicates that P. putida B2 degrades 3-nitrophenol via 1,2,4-benzenetriol, via a pathway involving a hydroxylaminolyase. Involvement of this pathway in nitroaromatic metabolism has previously only been found for degradation of 4-nitrobenzoate. Reduction of 3 nitrophenol by cell-free extracts was strictly NADPH-dependent. Attempts to purify the enzymes responsible for 3-nitrophenol metabolism were unsuccessful, because their activities were extremely unstable. 3-Nitrophenol reductase was therefore characterized in cell-free extracts. The enzyme had a sharp pH optimum at pH 7 and a temperature optimum at 25 degrees C. At 30 degrees C, reductase activity was completely destroyed within one hour, while at 0 degrees C, the activity in cell-free extracts was over 100-fold more stable. The Km values for NADPH and 3-nitrophenol were estimated at 0.17 mM and below 2 microM, respectively. The substrate specificity of the reductase activity was very broad: all 17 nitroaromatics tested were reduced by cell-free extracts. However, neither intact cells nor cell-free extracts could convert a set of synthesized hydroxylaminoaromatic compounds to the corresponding catechols and ammonia. Apparently, the hydroxylaminolyase of P. putida B2 has a very narrow substrate specificity, indicating that this organism is not a suitable biocatalyst for the industrial production of catechols from nitroaromatics.

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