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Genetica. 1996 Mar;97(2):141-51.

DNA regions flanking the major Arabidopsis thaliana satellite are principally enriched in Athila retroelement sequences.

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URA CNRS 1940 BIOMOVE, Université Blaise Pascal, Aubiere, France.


An analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana heterochromatic regions revealed that genomic sequences immediately flanking the major 180 bp satellite are essentially made of middle repetitive sequences and that most of these sequences correspond to defective Athila retroelements. Using YAC and lambda clones, we evaluated the distribution of Athila elements in the Arabidopsis genome and showed that, despite the presence of numerous euchromatic copies, these elements are especially concentrated in or near heterochromatic regions. Sequencing of the various DNA transitions between satellite and Athila repeats provides strong evidence that most of the heterochromatic elements retrotransposed directly into 180 bp satellite clusters.

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