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Neurobiol Dis. 1995 Apr;2(2):79-85.

Re-expression of the intermediate filament nestin in reactive astrocytes.

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Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA.


The intermediate filament nestin is highly expressed in multipotential stem cells of the developing central nervous system (CNS). During neuro- and gliogenesis, nestin is replaced by cell type-specific intermediate filaments, e.g. neurofilaments and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP). In this study, we demonstrate that nestin expression is re-induced in reactive astrocytes in the lesioned adult brain. Following ischaemic and mechanical lesioning, a strong and sustained expression of nestin was noted in GFAP-positive cells surrounding the lesion site. Lesion experiments in transgenic mice carrying the lacZ gene under control of regulatory sequences from the nestin gene suggested that the upregulation of nestin in reactive astrocytes is mediated via the same sequences that control nestin expression during CNS development. These observations and recent data on the co-expression of glial and neuronal marker antigens in reactive astrocytes point to a close relationship between proliferating astrocytes and neuroepithelial precursor cells.

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