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Genomics. 1996 Dec 15;38(3):421-4.

Isolation, sequencing, and mapping of the human homologue of the yeast transcription factor, SPT5.

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Department of Pediatrics, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor 48109, USA.


We isolated the human homologue, SUPT5H, of the yeast transcription factor, SPT5. The human homologue is 1088 aa long compared to 1063 aa for the yeast gene. SUPT5H maps to 19q13, near the ryanodine receptor. Like its family member, SUPT6H, and like yeast SPT5, SUPT5H has a very acidic 5' domain. Like its family member, SUPT6H, but unlike yeast SPT5 or SPT6, SUPT5H has seven MAP kinase sites at its 5' end. In addition, SUPT5H lacks the novel 6-amino-acid repeat (consensus is S-T/A-W-G-G-A/Q) at the C-terminus of yeast SPT5. This argues that while there is functional similarity between SPT5 and SUPT5H, the molecules differ in the signals to which they respond.

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