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Int J Legal Med. 1996;109(3):134-8.

A highly variable STR at the D12S391 locus.

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Institute of Legal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


A total of 103 fragments in the STR D12S391 locus were sequenced. 24 different alleles were found which can be grouped into 12 allelic classes based on the total number of repeats. The structure of this compound STR consists of blocks of (AGAT) and (AGAC) repeats with a consensus structure (AGAT)8-17 (AGAC)6-10 (AGAT)0-1. Whereas shorter alleles only have (AGAT) repeats, > 225 bp alleles are more complex, having two motifs (AGAT) and (AGAC). Population data showed that this to be a highly polymorphic STR with a heterozygosity of 0.9. This fact together with its simple structure make this STR very suitable for forensic and genetic purposes.

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