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Diabetes Educ. 1996 Sep-Oct;22(5):471-87.

Effects of a glucose polymer sports drink on blood glucose, insulin, and performance in subjects with diabetes.


Regular exercise has long been recognized as a cornerstone of diabetes management along with diet and medication. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a glucose polymer sports drink (GPSD) on blood glucose and electrolyte levels in persons with type I or type II diabetes. Twenty-five subjects controlled with insulin were randomized in a double-blind, two-period, crossover design study. Blood glucose and electrolyte levels were measured at intervals during a 60-minute, submaximal treadmill test and for 60 minutes postexercise. Wide variations in blood glucose levels within and between subjects hindered statistical analysis. However, a significant difference in mean blood glucose levels was determined, with overall blood glucose levels higher in the GPSD group compared with placebo. The use of the GPSD also prevented the onset of postexercise hypoglycemia and did not cause or contribute to hyperglycemia.

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