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Oncogene. 1996 Nov 7;13(9):2015-20.

Involvement of the Tpl-2/cot oncogene in MMTV tumorigenesis.

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Institute of Microbiology, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland.


We report for the first time a relationship between the Tpl-2/cot oncogene and Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus (MMTV) associated transformation of mammary gland cells. A sub-genomic library generated from a primary mammary gland tumor yielded a novel MMTV integration site which disrupted the Tpl-2/cot proto-oncogene between exons 7 and 8. Comparison of a cell line derived from normal mammary gland (comma-D) and a cell line established from an MMTV induced mammary tumor (GR) demonstrated similar rearrangements within Tpl-2/cot for the GR cells but not in the comma-D cells. These rearrangements in the cell line were accompanied by an increase in the level of Tpl-2/cot specific mRNA. This data suggests that Tpl-2/cot expression may be important in epithelial cell transformation or tumor progression.

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