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Tissue Antigens. 1996 Jan;47(1):58-62.

Molecular and serological characterization of HLA-B71 in association with different class I haplotypes or in different ethnic groups.

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Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA.


The HLA-B70 antigen is among the most common antigens present in African Americans; however, monospecific serologic reagents defining B70 and its subtypes, B71 and B72, are rare. We have recently reported the molecular characterization of a B71 allele (B*1510) from an African American individual carrying the haplotype HLA-A30, Cw3, B71(w6). In order to better define the degree of polymorphism of molecules carrying the B71 serological specificity in the human population, we have used serology, cDNA sequencing, and PCR/SSOP typing to characterize B71 alleles from additional individuals from different ethnic populations and carrying different class I haplotypes. All carried either B*1510 or B*1518 alleles. Other HLA-B alleles isolated from these individuals (B*5001, B*4901, B*3501, B*3701) were identical to previously reported sequences except for a novel B41 allele (B*4102) identified in one Hispanic individual. This allele has concurrently been identified by Rufer and colleagues in Caucasian individuals. The B*4102 allele differs from B*4101 at codons 95 (Leu/Trp) and 97 (Ser/Arg). In addition, the B*4102 allele differs from B*4101 by two silent substitutions at codons 94 (ACC/ACT) and 99 (TAC/TAT). Since the polymorphic sequence present in B*4102 is also present in other HLA-B alleles (e.g.., B*2707, B*4002, B*0702), it may represent a gene conversion cassette. The allelic diversity at the class I loci and the scarcity of monospecific alloantisera support the importance of the application of molecular based methods to identify HLA class I alleles in matching unrelated donor/recipient pairs for bone marrow transplantation.

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